Papa Cartão®

PVC card collection and recycling program

About Papa Cartão®

Papa Cartão® is a complete reverse logistics service for the proper disposal of plastic cards, offering a simple and efficient solution for companies and individuals wishing to contribute to the preservation of the environment.


We apply your company's visual identity.


Use Papa Cartão® for as long as you like.

Collection points

Papa Cartão® adapts to any location.

Regular collection

We take care of the logistics for collection and recycling.


Card owner witnesses the shredding and destruction.


Recycled material gives rise to new products.

Coleta e reciclagem de cartões de PVC | Papa Cartão®

RC Program

Card recycling

A reverse logistics program exclusively for plastic cards, badges and credentials, created by R. S. de Paula, a manufacturer of these products since 1997.

The program is supported by three pillars: safe and correct disposal.


If there is safe disposal without being correct, we don't participate.



If it's disposed of correctly but not safely, we don't trust it.



If it's safe and proper without disposal in Papa Cartão®, we don't exist.



Check out the opinions of those who have already used Papa Cartão® and learn how your brand can be strengthened while you collaborate with the preservation of the environment.

What do you do with your plastic card when it expires?

Do you cut it up and throw it in the garbage can?

The cards are 100% recyclable when disposed of in Papa Cartão®

A simple, obvious and straightforward idea

We renew and extend the life cycle of plastic, generate income, train people and take care of the environment.


Hover over the numbers to see the measurements of the desired area.

Tap the green circles to find out the measurements of the desired area.

General measures

Height: 1 meter
Width: 0.30 meter
Depth: 0.30 meter
Capacity: 3,000 bank cards

Diagrama do Papa Cartão®

Lower front (256 x 400 mm)


Bottom Side (256 x 400 mm)


Top Front (256 x 486 mm)


Top side (256 x 486 mm)


Panel (256 x 256 mm)


Headboard (unlimited area)


Here are some companies that already use Papa Cartão®


Our products are sustainable because as well as being recycled and 100% recyclable, they have low environmental impact raw materials, traceability and parameterization. We are the first company in the world to create a Circular Economy for the plastic card production chain.

Strengthen your company's ESG agenda.

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